A bit of history...
Founded in the ’60s  by  Mario Gazzetto, over the years the company has evolved quickly passing from a small family business related to the fraying of rags to a well-established combed spinning able to  produce high  value yarns.
Nowadays in the third generation, but it is during the second generation that reach its consecration thanks to the intuition of working flame-retardant fibers that they have made it a reference partner in Italy and abroad for end-users of these technical fibers.






Flame-retardant yarns then, but not only ...
Majority  part of the production is based on yarns for  underwear, selecting the best raw materials and working them with care and the dedication required, and  for furnishing single and twisted yarns as well. Thanks to the skills achieve in both sectors we develop what today is our most important product – Wool blends

The ingredients"
Knowing how to choose, select and mix the best “ingredients” is the “recipe” for the realization of a good product, in this case a good yarn.
The research of raw materials, depending on the end use require, ranges from the most technical fibers as  flame-retardant Modacrylic (SEVEL) , Polyester (TREVIRA CS), acrylic for outdoor and underwear too (DRALON), moving to Viscose (TENCEL) and  Nylon  to get to a very wide range of  wools  selected by Origin, finesse and touch..

The “Craft tools”
For the success of a product the ingredients are indispensable, but without the appropriate tools, even the excellent raw materials, if not worked properly, do not give the desired results. And then the "instruments" must be adapted. Constant investment in machinery, optimization of the same according to the results you want to achieve, adaptation of the plants and the working environment to create the optimum conditions for the machining and for those who carry them.

The "actors"
And this is where the fundamental part of the company comes into play: who works inside, the real actors.
Each stage is followed by trained personnel assisted by the properties that work "elbow" to "elbow" and follows in first person every single step, making the attention to quality and cleanliness the philosophy of business. This climate is already breathing from the outside (the powerful photovoltaic system testifies to the attention to the environment), and reaches its maximum expression within the departments, the real strong point of the company.

Our "Kingdom"
Our kingdom is our spinning mill. The entire production process, consisting of mixing, preparation, spinning, winding, twisting, is carried out within our factories. Every single stage of processing is performed and followed with dedication by all of us.

The details
Details makes the difference, and when your mission is caring for detail, the result can only be an high quality yarn.
The greatest strength of the company is the “tailor-made”, in fact,  a large list of stock service yarns is always supported by products made ad hoc, according to the specific needs of the customer.

Our "energy"
The energy and the commitment that we put is fed by our tradition and by our photovoltaic system that allows us to produce clean energy and to satisfy almost 50% of our requirements.
In a constant attention to everything that surrounds us, especially the environment, this source could not be lacking, which combined with LED lighting, constitutes a "green" element that adapts well to our reality.



Characterized by specific peculiarities (wear and pilling resistance in primis), these yarns are used in various fabrrics...



...The name already embodies the "intimacy" of these yarns. Maximum care in cleaning, in the choice of raw materials, in the processes..., 



...The company's strong point, and flagship in the nineties, were the flame-retardant technical yarns that have marked the growth of the company... 



Following the customer's request guidelines. Realize a product that until before was just an idea...



Filatura Gazzetto Mario & C. S.N.C.
Via Biella, 52, 13885 Salussola
Tel: 0161 997215

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